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Lucas Margulis: Pioneering Innovation in Event Industry as Judge for Canadian Special Events Awards

Lucas Margulis, the founder and president of PURE Entertainment, will serve as a judge for the Canadian Special Events Awards this year. His extensive background in entertainment, fashion, and events, coupled with his entrepreneurial ventures, promises to bring a unique perspective to the judging panel.

Lucas Margulis has made significant contributions to Canada's party scene through PURE Entertainment, offering innovative party experiences with high-energy line dances, live music stations, and team activities. He also pioneered the integration of cannabis into events through HIGH BAR, becoming the first Canadian company to provide cannabis-related services at wedding receptions post-legalization in 2018.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Lucas oversees digital marketing, product design, manufacturing, website development, and social media for PURE and HIGH BAR under LUCREATIVE. His achievements have garnered international recognition, including being named one of BizBash's Must-know Event Professionals in 2021 and one of Canada's top 250 influential event professionals in 2022. In 2023, he was acknowledged by Eventex, further solidifying his position among the most influential people in the events industry.

The finalists for the Canadian Special Events Awards will be announced the week of March 20, with the winners revealed live on May 8 at the Canadian Event Awards Gala. Lucas Margulis' presence as a judge underscores the caliber and expertise of industry leaders guiding this prestigious awards competition.

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