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Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Selecting different music for your wedding is one of the most important and impactful decisions you will make for your special day.

And of course, as always is with weddings, there are many options and decisions to make, from whether you book live musicians, a band or a DJ + LIVE, to more subjective things like the mood or vibe (during cocktails, dinner), what kind of personality, style, skill set you want from your DJ.

When it comes to hiring a wedding DJ, here are a just a few things you should keep in mind and be sure about before your wedding day.

Get to know your DJ

It’s all about the connection with your DJ. Get to know the DJ’s musical preferences, style, and personality (especially if they'll be the MC as well). At PURE we offer free consultations where you can meet your professional DJ and even have them mix live a few tracks to showcase their dj skills. Experience is key when picking your DJ, they need to to be able to read the couple and the wedding crowd properly to ensure an unforgettable party.

Do you act as the MC and make all of the announcements?

Most professional DJ's do not MC, but at PURE, all DJ's have been hand picked and trained to do basic announcements (emcee) and guide the night along as needed. A professional MC will never be replaced by DJ because they have two completely different jobs during your wedding reception. In fact we encourage clients to work with a professional team (MC + DJ) if you are interested in having a professional MC make all the introductions, host activites and manage your agenda.

Make sure your DJ knows the theme of your wedding

If you are having a themed wedding — bohemian, vintage, mid-century, etc — discuss this with your DJ ahead of time. If you are going with a theme, you will want the music to reflect it and give you the total vibe you are looking for, including any special songs or artists for that theme. This can extend beyond the music the DJ plays to include their dress or look for the day. If they are also acting as an MC (emcee) at certain points, this can also be tied to your theme.

What songs will the DJ play

What wedding songs you want to hear? This conversation is crucial for any event hiring a professional DJ, but is even more important for weddings and the lasting memory you will be creating.

To ensure everything goes off without a musical hitch, prepare a list of songs you absolutely want to hear during the wedding (breaking this down for the ceremony, reception and key moments during both). This list can easily be incorporated into a wedding agenda you provide the DJ (more on this further down). If there are specific artists you want featured — like the bride and groom’s favourite band — this is the time to write them down and get them to the DJ. A note here: if the music you want is more obscure or not easily found, you will have to provide the audio files directly to your DJ ahead of time so they can add it to the rotation.

At PURE we also provide our clients with an option to add a LIVE REQUEST STATION or two (table top kiosk or our larger kiosk stations available) to their package, that can be located in high traffic locations around the room where guests can touch the screen and fill out the music request form through out the event. The requests are sent to the DJ or VJ in real time, but not all requests will be played, as the DJ or VJ has to decide if the request provided will work for the party and it's guests (some requests can be inappropriate, not popular enough to keep the floor busy or on our DO NOT PLAY list provided by the client).

What songs you do not want to hear? Similarly, if there are songs (we can all think of some cheesy wedding staples), artists or genres you absolutely do not want to hear, write them down too. Timing here is important, as the DJ will need to prepare their catalogue of music in advance, so get this information to the DJ or our PURE team in advance.


At PURE we focus on combining Toronto's best entertainment and production expertise to provide clients with a premier service experience from start to finish to make your event unforgettable. Our team of professional DJ's, dancers, technicians, party animators and live musicians have been entertaining groups all across North America, including: Montreal, Halifax, Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver and New York. With a strong focus on attention to detail and customer care, we build upon your idea and create a custom experiences that caters to your vision, budget and style. We cater to all cultures, religions and celebrations from first birthday parties to weddings, corporate events, bar/bat mitzvahs, school proms, house parties, quinceañeras and much more. Breathe easy and let us help you make your next event PUREfect, there's nothing we can't do! ✨



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